What our clients say?

We truly care about our clients and together with them we improve our products. We’re happy to share what some of our recent clients think about our service and products.

"Until now, I had hardly any experience with meditation. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Neurosphere course very much. The neurofeedback program opened up an easy and intuitive access to meditation for me. By practicing with the Neurosphere headband and the accompanying course, I was able to quickly achieve my first successes. I also felt well accompanied in the further course. I will continue to enjoy meditation in the future. I never expected that it would be possible for me to just sit down and meditate."

Jana S.

Bookseller, participant of the Neurosphere Superpower* Course 2020

"For anyone who wants to dive into the world of meditation and learn about the power of relaxation to balance our fast-paced world, Neurosphere is the best tool to start. I had a great time and highly recommend it to anyone."

Alex H.

Musician / DJ, participant in the Neurosphere Superpower* course 2020

"As a psychologist, yoga teacher and founder, Neurosphere was the perfect combination and help for me. Neurosphere has helped me find a regularity in my meditation practice and give me relaxation during stressful periods. Balm for the soul and the body, taking time for yourself and starting the day with energy - that's what Neurosphere gives you.""

Stella N.

M.Sc. Psychologin / Gründerin YIN YOUNG & YOU gUG, Teilnehmerin beim Neurosphere Superpower* Kurs 2021

"Through the Neurosphere course and the neurofeedback training, I was able to bring my stress levels down in a pleasant way. I did the neurofeedback training 2-3 times a week and could feel the first successes already in the first week. Small exercises in everyday life, which I discovered in the course, supported this effect even more."

Elvira D.

Clerk at an insurance company, participant of Neurosphere Superpower*Course 2021

"Neurosphere has made meditating so much easier for me and the results much more noticeable. An absolute plus for me is the ability to self-monitor... just to see when I am really in Calm and not just I think I am in Calm. For me, Neurosphere is number one for all beginners in the practice of mediation and for people who are strongly results-oriented and want to train their mindfulness in order to lead a successful and happy life."

Holger M.

Dipl.-Ing., M.Sc. Certified Master Business Coach and MINDFUCK® Coach, Participant of the Neurosphere Superpower* Course 2020

"If I do the neurofeedback training, I can switch off from work at the end of the day and go home more relaxed."

Severine R.-B.

Neurofeedback in Testing, Training and change manager, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

"After the training, I feel more collected and more empathetic to my work colleagues."

Marianne D.

Neurofeedback in Testing, Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

„Through Neurosphere I have learned how to relax better and to lower my stress level.“

Stefan K.

Neurofeedback in testing, Head of Claims & Services Life, Swiss Mobiliar

„Through Neurosphere Reflexion, I've learned to relax faster. And when I do neurofeedback regularly, then it's easier for me to fall asleep in the evening."

Julia D.

Neurofeedback in Testing, Legal Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

Since I have been doing neurofeedback training regularly, I get to sleep much more quickly in the evening. When I wake up at night, it is enough to think of the chirping birds of neurofeedback training and to concentrate on my breathing. Then I fall asleep again. My overall sleep quality has changed a lot for the better since I started the Neurofeedback training. "

Babette N.

Neurofeedback in Testing, Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019