Automated & Personalized Neurofeedback Technology

Our neurofeedback system is designed to open the door to states of deep relaxation and meditation through an automated neurofeedback based mindfulness training. It consists of EEG-Hardware and automatised neurofeedback software, a mobile app, a plattform for remote EEG-data analysis and many more.

Our technology makes it possible to do an automated

Neurofeedback training

Neurofeedback training (NFT) is a category of training systems that measures your brain activity in real-time and immediately gives you feedback about it so that you can adjust your mental activity accordingly. NFT is effective in improving mental state and cognitive performance. In particular, it has been shown to improve short term memory, emotion regulation and cognitive performance.

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Our Hardware

Our neurofeedback software combines proven methodologies and new findings from the fields of neuropsychology, meditation, emotional intelligence research, signal processing, and computational neuroscience.


Responsible for the acquisition of brainwaves

  • Flexibles textile design
  • Replecable electrodes
  • Adjustable size


Responsible for the amplification, filtering, digitization, preprocessing and forwarding of the brain waves to the phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth.

  • Number of channels: 2 plus reference
  • Channel type/ reference: bipolar
  • A/D-Conversion: 24 bit
  • Input range +-12.5 mV
  • Sampling frequency : 503 Hz ( one channel 1K Hz )
  • Calculation resolution : 0.00149 µV
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR / Bluetooth 5 optional für IOS


Our Software

Our system measures your brain signals and gives you real-time feedback. Each time you approach a state of meditation and deep relaxation, our system will send you your chosen reward tone. So you know that you are on the right path!

How does the

Neurofeedback training with the Neurosphere App work in detail?

The neurosphere system is the neurofeedback training 2.0: It allows you to combine the benefits of mindfulness meditation with those of neurofeedback. Our EEG hardware monitors your brain activity while you meditate, and our neurofeedback app gives you feedback about it in order to improve your relaxation and meditation experience. Whenever you get closer to a state of relaxation and meditation, our neurofeedback software recognizes it and sends you a reward tone. In the long run, our training system can help you to reach a relaxed meditative mental state on your own, without the need for props and guidance.

The Neurosphere system is

Designed to enable you to start
your Neurofeedback training on

your own, anytime.

1. Our neurofeedback app lets you tailor your training to your personal preferences. You can select your prefered duration, guidance setting, audio landscape and reward.

2. When you start your training, the neurofeedback app adjusts to your unique brainwave pattern by performing a quick calibration.

3. During the training,s every time you move closer to a state of relaxation and meditation you will hear your chosen reward sound.

4. When the neurofeedback session is finished you will hear a gong sound. Open your eyes to see the brain wave analysis and scores from your session.

5. Over time, you will be able to track your progress and compare the results of your different neurofeedback sessions.


What do our clients say?

„Für alle, die in die Welt der Meditation eintauchen und die Power der Entspannung als Ausgleich für unsere schnelllebige Welt kennenlernen wollen, ist Neurosphere das beste Tool um zu starten. Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit und kann es jedem Menschen wärmstens empfehlen.“

Alex H.,
Musiker, DJ

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