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Meditation, mindfulness and fresh perspectives on how to interact with our inner and outer world.

These are tools that make it easier to access, maintain and improve your self-regulation skills towards more inner calm and improved well-being. Learn to activate your real superpower.

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This course was created

Using a holistic approach, with the goal in mind that all participants should be able to access their learned skills in the future, even without our tools.

After 8-weeks of regular use of our neurofeedback system, you should be able to access your meditation skills without our hardware. To support you with that, you will have 1-year of access to our online platform and mobile app.

What is included in the course ?

One week before the course starts, you will receive your Neurosphere kit with the following components:

Neurosphere station

The EEG Neurofeedback hardware is delivered to your address (with free delivery). You can download our software from the Google Playstore for your Android mobile phone. If you do not have an Android device available, we will provide you with one to use for the duration of the course - at no extra cost. You can find more information about our technology here. On the first day of the course, we will explain everything you need to know about activating and using your neurofeedback station.

Pseudonymized brainwave analyses

You can receive additional analyses of your EEG data free of charge via our platform. To ensure the highest possible data security, each set of EEG analysis data is protected by a unique 16-digit access code. Each person’s code is located under a scratch field, which you access and supply to us when you want your data. This security method ensures that even we do not know which person has received which code.


Each week of our eight training weeks has its own chapter. Each chapter is divided into two parts: The first part is about the IMPULSE. Here we introduce you to a central topic around mindfulness and stress regulation each week.

The second part contains the CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK. Whereby we give you a task to put your new knowledge from the following week into practice. To integrate your mindfulness training into your everyday life. To reflect on the new learnings by performing a concrete task. To truly experience it! For those who are keen to go deeper and explore more, we also set bonus tasks.

Platform and mobile app

You can find additional material on impulses, bonus challenges, extra worksheets available to download, and other digital content on our platform. In addition, the recordings of the online webinars, as well as various mindfulness exercises and meditations, are also available there. In the Neurosphere app, you will find a number of mindfulness meditation and sound backdrops. Some of these meditation exercises and sound backdrops are also used in the Neurofeedback app, so after regularly using the neurofeedback, your body is primed to remember the newly created neural connections when you use this content.

Timeline and

Course Details

Get your own Neurofeedback station for 8 weeks. Join the weekly 1-hour live webinars with our coaches during an 8-week long course. Learn about different topics every week. Enjoy little challenges. Learn how to apply new skills in real-life situations.

Duration 1h

Our first joint webinar

By the end of the first webinar, you will already have gained an insight and had your first experience of how mindfulness, stress, relaxation, and brain waves are connected. Our coach will give you an introductory exercise to try out what you have just learned in the context of your everyday life - which should keep you going until our next meetings!

At the beginning of the course you will participate in our first joint webinar titled: "Onboarding and Neurofeedback". Here we will clarify the key terms used throughout the course, as well as the functionality of your neurofeedback station and the additional materials.

4 sessions per week of at least 10 minutes each

Neurofeedback meditation during the course

After you have received your Neurofeedback Station and learned how neurofeedback works in the Onboarding Webinar, you can start your new neurofeedback meditation routine- anytime, and anywhere!

Duration 1h each

Our webinars in week 2-7

In these webinars, we will highlight a new topic each week and use everyday exercises to try out the new learning until the next webinar. Our coach and your group will support you in maintaining your new meditation and mindfulness routines. In each webinar, you will have the opportunity to reflect on the previous week's lessons and receive valuable feedback on your new experiences.

Duration 1h

Our virtual closing event

In our virtual final event, we review what we learned and look at how we can quantify those learnings with what we experienced - so that we can continue to use and expand the approaches that worked best for us after the course.

By the end of the course, you will have new access to your meditation and relaxation skills, as well as new perspectives on stress and its regulation. Your personal toolbox for finding inner peace at any time, and experiencing more inner mindfulness in your daily life, will be quantifiably available to you at the end of the eighth webinar.

With at least 75% participation, a certification of the completed course will be available for you on our platform.

What our clients say?

"For anyone who wants to dive into the world of meditation and learn about the power of relaxation to balance our fast-paced world, Neurosphere is the best tool to start. I had a great time and highly recommend it to anyone."

Alex H.,
Musiker, DJ

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Self-regulating inner calm and increased concentration in any situation is a superpower and a skill that anyone can learn - and one which has a lasting positive impact on your well-being.

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