Well-being is a powerful enabler of human potential and positive business outcomes.

Learning to meditate and to be more mindful is one of the most well-proven paths to improved well-being.

It is scientifically proven that Meditation and Mindfulness enables to:

Reduce Stress

Increase the sense of well-being

Improve attention, focus and resilience

Increase the sense of connectedness and empathy

Increased Performance

Science has also shown that meditation and mindfulness improves performance in organizations, including significant and measurable increases in productivity and employee engagement. Mindfulness and Meditation has also shown to increase emotional intelligence (EQ) and creativity. Thus implementing our solution can accelerate the quality of meetings and innovation capabilities within your organization.

With our in-house developed Neurofeedback training system we provide the solution to enable teams and individuals a fast track to access the benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness.

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Neurosphere Experiences

  • Promote health management and performance
  • Provide innovative neurotechnology directly at the workplace / home-office
  • Train new work skills and promote mindfulness at work
  • Give the participants new tools to apply in the daily life
  • Include exercises for everyday life to promote health
  • Are based on neuroscientific findings

How our Neurofeedback meditation works

A new way to experience your mind with neurofeedback.

The Neuroheadband measures your brain activity on your forehead, and every time you relax more / get closer to a meditative state, you will hear a positive acoustic feedback reward. Through that, you can learn to actively change your brain waves to strengthen your neural-pathways towards a state of improved well-being.

Modular System

Neurosphere system can be easily adjusted to the needs of your organisation.

Neurosphere station at the workplace

Set-up of neurofeedback stations at the premises. Each station can be used by up to 30 team members.

Each set-up comes with an on-boarding event and each participant gets 1-year Premium access on the platform and mobile app.

Online team courses in the home-office

8 week neurofeedback and mindfulness course designed to apply the new skills in the daily work routine.

Each participant gets their own neurofeedback station for 8 weeks, an interactive workbook and 1-year Premium access on the platform and mobile app.

Individual participation in one of our courses

8 week Neurofeedback and mindfulness course designed to apply the new skills in daily life.

Each set-up comes with an on-boarding event and each participant gets 1-year Premium access on the platform and mobile app.

Each solution is easily & fully integratable into the working day

Flexible in time and duration

Automated and personalized

No IT support or new staff required

IGDPR-compliant evaluations and insights for the entire team

Measurable data and proven methodologies

What do our clients say?

„Since I have been doing neurofeedback training regularly, I get to sleep much more quickly in the evening. When I wake up at night, it is enough to think of the chirping birds of neurofeedback training and to concentrate on my breathing. Then I fall asleep again. My overall sleep quality has changed a lot for the better since I started the Neurofeedback training. "

Neurofeedback in Testing, Babette N., Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

Using Neurosphere shows

Promising Results

Preliminary data from a four months-training: Participants practiced three times a week for 10 minutes with our Neurosphere app at their workplace.


Stress level decreased by:


Relaxation level increased by:

Are you ready?

Unlock meditation and mindfulness capabilities with neurotechnology.