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Discover the real superpower of your mind in 8-weeks with Neurofeedback

Self-regulating your brain activity and mastering your well-being at any time – that sounds like a superpower to us! Our courses are designed to open the door to these abilities.

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Curriculum & tools to access your real superpower

The skill to self-regulate attention, to create inner-calm, and to increase our well-being is in each one of us. This is our real superpower. The 8-week course is a journey designed to provide an easy and enjoyable way to access these skills.


Access to your neurofeedback meditation station for 8 weeks.


Weekly live group webinars (1 hour) with our certified mindfulness coaches.


Weekly mindful impulses and challenges to apply the newfound perspectives in everyday life.


Interactive diary like workbook for your 8 week trip within yourself.

Mobile App

Track your meditations and get better and more mindful every day.


Access to recorded webinars and extra EEG analysis.


Support from our group to help you create new healthy routines.


Access your growth mindset and learn how to meditate on your own.

How our Neurofeedback meditation works

A new way to experience your mind with neurofeedback.

The textile neuro-headband measures your brain activity. As you relax more and more and approach a meditative state, you hear a pleasant acoustic sound; the auditive Neurofeedback. This is a "reward" for your brain. Your brain wants more of this and so the active learning process starts automatically. This strengthens your ability for active self-regulation and leads you to inner-calm, increased concentration and improved well-being.

What's the schedule

Course Timeline

Get your own Neurofeedback station for 8 weeks. Join the weekly 1-hour live webinars with our coaches during an 8-week long course. Learn about different topics every week. Enjoy little challenges. Learn how to apply new skills in real-life situations.


What are you going to learn during these 8 weeks?

Each week is specifically designed to tackle different set of knowledge and challenges that will teach you skills that can be applied in real life.

Week 1

Onboarding and neurofeedback

Week 2

Mindfulness and perception

Week 3

Stress monitoring and stress amplifiers

Week 4

Stress reduction and resilience

Week 5

Mindfulness in communication and relationships

Week 6

Self-compassion and self-care

Week 7


Week 8

Measurement of the world

What do our clients say?

„Für alle, die in die Welt der Meditation eintauchen und die Power der Entspannung als Ausgleich für unsere schnelllebige Welt kennenlernen wollen, ist Neurosphere das beste Tool um zu starten. Ich hatte eine tolle Zeit und kann es jedem Menschen wärmstens empfehlen.“

Alex H.,
Musiker, DJ

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