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Our goal is to make the advantages of neuroscientific technology, emotional intelligence research and meditation more accessible to everyone. Therefore we invite all students, researchers and artists to use our technology for their research. Join our collaboration program!

Data from

Pilot Study

We gathered data in a pilot study in Switzerland with a cohort of 45 participants. Preliminary data indicate significant increases in levels of relaxation and diminished levels of subjectively experienced stress levels in participants who completed the trainings.


First Results

Preliminary data from a four months-training: Participants practiced three times a week for 10 minutes with our Neurosphere app at their workplace.


Stress level decreased by:


Relaxation level increased by:

Our Solution

Our method combines the advantages of Meditation and Neurofeedback.


Meditation has been practiced for centuries. One of the most common types of meditation is mindfulness meditation (MM) Meditation allows an increased awareness of senses and feelings in the moment, without interpreting or judging what is experienced. Practicing MM involves breathing methods and guided imagery. You learn to pay attention to the flow of inner thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations. No judging. Just observing. You can learn to develop awareness for physical and emotional feeling, thoughts, sounds, smells.... Step by step you can train your consciousness and have a life full of moment-to-moment experiences.


Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses real-time displays of brain activity. The EEG method interprets brain waves: the electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other. During neurofeedback training (NFT) the waves are analysed and a feedback is given (in our case: a sound you choose yourself), whenever your brain shows a certain pattern. This sound “rewards” your brain. Studies have shown that NFT is an efficient, fast, non-invasive and low-cost way to improve cognitive performance and short term memory as well as emotion regulation.

Did you know?

Studies have shown that the practice of neurofeedback as well as mindfulness meditation help to reduce stress and to increase mental and emotional well-being.

How our Neurofeedback meditation works

A new way to experience your mind with neurofeedback.

The textile neuro-headband measures your brain activity. As you relax more and more and approach a meditative state, you hear a pleasant acoustic sound; the auditive Neurofeedback. This is a "reward" for your brain. Your brain wants more of this and so the active learning process starts automatically. This strengthens your ability for active self-regulation and leads you to inner-calm, increased concentration and improved well-being.

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