Try Neurosphere: Lower stress levels, relax and reach higher productivity and well-being

Neurofeedback based mindfulness brain-training system for you and your team

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Improve the well-being of you and your team with our Neurosphere system

Our first product is designed to make the advantages of neuroscientific technology, consciousness research and meditation more accessible to individuals and teams.

It has been proven that both the practice of Neurofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation decreases stress levels and increase creativity, empathy, cognitive skills and mental as well as emotional well-being.

Neurosphere V1 combines both worlds and allows the user to perform a Neurofeedback based mindfulness training which is automatized, flexible in time and duration and doesn’t need any third person assistance.


What you get in the Neurosphere package

(Textile Band)

Microcontroller Box
(Co-developed with Neurofox)

Neurofeedback-training App

Our hardware has a medical grade signal quality. Our software combines proven methodologies and the newest findings from the fields of neuroscience, consciousness research and psychology.

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How it works

How it works

The Neuroheadset measures brainwave activity from your forehead and sends positive acoustic feedback every time you come closer to a mindful state and relaxation.
Through hearing this reward, your brain learns how to efficiently and optimally reach a state of relaxation.



Prioritise your team’s well-being:
Why you should use Neurosphere

The implementation of a CHM solution lowers the absence rate and the costs caused by sick leave by about 25%.

(American Journal of Health 2012)

Dealing with stress: From perception to coping

With our Neurosphere system you can learn how to actively change
your brainwave activity and lower your stress levels.

Scientific methodology

Our product provides measurable results through physiological data and
gives you the possibility to continuously improve mentally and emotionally.


Our system is automatized and fully flexible in usage time and duration.
You won’t need any additional staff or training to start using the product.

About us

About us

We are a Berlin-based neurotech company and a conscious business with one mission: to help to unlock the full cognitive potential of the human brain.
We want to make the advances of Neurotech simple to use, understandable and more accessible for everyone.

After the successful implementation of our Neurofeedback based mindfulness training system for increased mental well-being and productivity in the corporate environment, we are planning to launch further products for the consumer and digital health market. - Let’s make the world a better place with neurotech!

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