Wellness & Fitness for your Brain through Neurotech

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Wellness & Fitness for the Brain through Neurotech

Through personalized neurofeedback you come closer to your desired state of mind by learning to actively changing your brainwave activity within a few training sessions. Everytime you calm down your mind you will hear a personalized acoustic feedback reward in real time.

It is scientifically proven that meditation & brain training helps to de-stress, strengthen brain abilities & to increase productivity. With our neuro-headband & application we take the guesswork out of both the relaxation and brain training processes.

De-stress & deep relaxation

Increased focus & higher productivity

Lower risk for Burnout & stress related diseases

Increased mental well-being


We developed an innovative lightweight EEG brain-computer interface together with an automatized neurofeedback application, that allows any company to tackle the problem of stress and its negative impacts on its employees in an automated, easy-to-use and cost-efficient way.

Our Neurosphere package consists of EEG hardware with medical-grade signal quality within a natural textile headband with superior wearability and comfort, and a software app that combines the newest findings from machine learning and neuroscience. The app runs on Android devices so it can be easily installed on a tablet and utilized in a company’s relaxation room or quiet area.

The product is designed to automate and personalize the neurofeedback method, while taking out all the guesswork – which is especially important for people with challenging jobs, who are not only short on time, but find it hard to relax, or know if they are on the right track to fully calming down their minds with optimal results.

The Neuroheadset measures brainwave activity at the user's forehead, and sends positive acoustic feedback every time they come closer to the desired state of mind. Though hearing this reward, the user learns how to efficiently and optimally reach a state of relaxation.

About us

We are a neurotech company and we believe that the human brain has immense capabilities. We want to unlock this cognitive potential by making the advances of Neurotech simple to use, understandable and more accessible for everyone.

Our first product is a lightweight EEG brain-computer interface together with an automatized Neurofeedback application that provides a tool to fully relax and calm down the mind with evidence based & sustainable results.

After the successful implementation of our Neurofeedback system for increased mental well- being and productivity in the cooperate environment, we are planning to launch further products for the consumer and digital health market.These products will enable the user not only to do professionally automated Neurofeedback training but also to increase sleep quality and learning abilities.

In the long run, we are also planning to offer cloud-based analysis services of EEG data, for example to predict risk factors for mental diseases as well as to optimize the efficiency of different mental training approaches.


Our team is highly science-driven and consists of hardware, software, signal processing and sound engineers, who have years of experience in their respective fields. We have neuroscience researchers focused on maintaining scientific rigor, and an excellent advisory board. Furthermore, we possess the necessary operations, technical and business know-how. Beyond this, our team shares the same vision of helping people to better understand their own minds, to increase self-awareness and understanding. In particular, it is this vision that motivates and determines us to develop the best possible product. If you would like to have more information about the minds behind Neurosphere then please feel free to write us via info@neurosphere.io


Shipping will start in 2018 to the first 100 pilot testers. So if you want to be one of the firsts to get your own Neurosphere-IO then register here and we will soon send you more detailed information on how to become one of the first pilot testers.