Wellness & Fitness for your Brain through Neurotech

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Wellness & Fitness for the Brain through Neurotech

Through personalized neurofeedback you come closer to your desired state of mind by learning to actively changing your brainwave activity within a few training sessions. Everytime you calm down your mind you will hear a personalized acoustic feedback reward in real time.

It is scientifically proven that meditation & brain training helps to de-stress, strengthen brain abilities & to increase productivity. With our neuro-headband & application we take the guesswork out of both the relaxation and brain training processes.

De-stress & deep relaxation

Increased focus & higher productivity

Lower risk for Burnout & stress related diseases

Increased mental well-being


Our first automatized Neurofeedback application provides the tool to fully relax and calm down the mind with evidence based & sustainable results through. Our hardware has a medical grade signal quality. Our software combines the newest findings of neuroimaging with that of machine learning.

About us

We are a neurotech company. We believe that there are exponential capabilities of the human brain.
The way how we want to unlock these potentials is by making the advantages of neurotech simple to use, understandable and more accessible for everyone. Our first products specialize in EEG brain-computer interfaces. We are building data models & algorithms for automatized Neurofeedback training & predictive analyses of quantifiable cognitive processes.


Robert Langer

CEO / Business Development

Hector Perez Ponce


Thu Thao Nguyen


Felix Gläske

Backend Engineer

Fabian Korzen


Philipp Zumpe

Sound Engineer

Konstantin Krüger

Executive Assistant

Rebecca Pedinoff

Data Scientist


Shipping will start in 2017 to the first 100 pilot testers. So if you want to be one of the firsts to get your own Neurosphere-IO then register here and we will soon send you more detailed information on how to become one of the first pilot testers.