Access your inner calm, focus and improved well-being with neurofeedback enhanced meditation

Experience easy access to meditation with our 8-week course. Learn how to change your brainwaves. Activate Neurosphere now and join our course.

It is an unprecedented time for all of us. Being able to find inner calm, focus and well-being have never been so important.

Learning to meditate is one of the most well-proven paths to improved well-being.

Our 8-week course is designed to bring the benefits of meditation and neurofeedback to you.

Increase Resiliance

Lower risk of burnout and stress-related diseases.

Higher Performance

Increased focus and higher productivity.

Lower Stress

Deep Relaxation - anytime.

Being Mindful

Great mental and emotional well-being.

Improved Communication

Happy teams and great results.

More empathy

Better team work, accelerated productivity and innovation .

Better Health

Less stress related illnesses.

Employee Retention

Higher work satisfaction and increased stability.

Neurofeedback based brain training - how does it work?

The real-time neurofeedback takes the guesswork out of the meditation process and our live classes support you in keeping up the routine.



Neuro headband measures your brainwave activity and sends the readings to the hardware and software.



Every time you get closer to the state of meditation you will receive a positive audio reward.



Get guided into a state of meditation and relaxation. Learn how to actively change your brainwaves and your state of mind.

What is the course timeline like ?

Week 0

Get your hardware kit, the box includes.

EEG-neurobox with research-grade signal quality

Full textile neuroheadband with superior wearability, comfort, and dry electrodes

Automatized neurofeedback software

Access ID for our GDPR conform cloud-based services

Week 1

Course introduction

Get an overview of your upcoming course

Learn the fundamentals about EEG, brainwaves and how it is connected to neurofeedback enhanced meditation

Introduction to the hardware and software

Week 2-7

Weekly live classes with our coaches

We support you in maintaining your routine

Ask questions and receive feedback

Share your experiences and meet other participants

Week 8

Virtual closing event

By that time you will have:

A better understanding of your meditation and relaxation skills

Various new perspectives on stress and how to cope with it

A new toolbox to find your inner calm, anytime

Certificate of completion (minimum 80% of participation)

What our workplace program clients say?

"If I do the neurofeedback training, I can switch off from work at the end of the day and go home more relaxed."

Neurofeedback in Testing, Severine R.-B., Training and change manager, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

"After the training, I feel more collected and more empathetic to my work colleagues."

Neurofeedback in Testing, Marianne D., Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

„Through Neurosphere I have learned how to relax better and to lower my stress level.“

Neurofeedback in testing, Stefan K., Head of Claims & Services Life, Swiss Mobiliar

Get Neurosphere

Increase your mental well-being with scientifically proven methodologies and measurable data. You can self-regulate your inner calm and focus. Anytime, anywhere and in any challenging situation.

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