What our clients say?

"If I do the neurofeedback training, I can switch off from work at the end of the day and go home more relaxed."

Neurofeedback in Testing, Severine R.-B., Training and change manager, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

"After the training, I feel more collected and more empathetic to my work colleagues."

Neurofeedback in Testing, Marianne D., Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

„Through Neurosphere I have learned how to relax better and to lower my stress level.“

Neurofeedback in testing, Stefan K., Head of Claims & Services Life, Swiss Mobiliar

„Through Neurosphere Reflexion, I've learned to relax faster. And when I do neurofeedback regularly, then it's easier for me to fall asleep in the evening."

Neurofeedback in Testing, Julia D., Legal Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019

„Since I have been doing neurofeedback training regularly, I get to sleep much more quickly in the evening. When I wake up at night, it is enough to think of the chirping birds of neurofeedback training and to concentrate on my breathing. Then I fall asleep again. My overall sleep quality has changed a lot for the better since I started the Neurofeedback training. "

Neurofeedback in Testing, Babette N., Management Assistant, Swiss Mobiliar, Nyon 2019