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All hardware and software have been manufactured in Germany by us and our partner Neurofox.
If you are struggling with stress it would be of great use for you to learn how to reach a state of Mindfulness Meditation. Not only can it help you relax your mind, but also increase your self-control, self-esteem, concentration and decrease anxiety and other stress symptoms.

But it can be hard to know if you are actually relaxing your brain. This is where our Neurosphere system comes in; it takes out all the guesswork. By measuring your brainwaves and sending out positive audio feedback when you are close to the desired state of mind, you will learn to control your brain. Neurosphere is an effective and effortless way for you to learn Mindfulness Meditation.

No, Neurosphere is not a medical device and has no medical purposes. If you have any medical issues, we recommend you to discuss Neurofeedback training with your doctor to see how it corresponds with your treatment.
Currently not, but we’re working on this matter in Germany and Switzerland right now.
As our first product is currently in the pilot phase and mainly being tested in the corporate environment, it is not available for private purchases right now. However, as a private user, you can already apply to take part in one of our pilot programs.

In the future, we expect to launch the product for private users as well. If you want to keep up with the news about our progress then sign up for our newsletter!

No, you are the only one who can access your personal data. Your company only gets an overview of the effectivity of the Neurosphere program.
No, we don’t send any signals. The headband just measures your brain's activity, state, and frequency.

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